Tuesday, January 24, 2012

How I Live My Life { 01/24/2012 }

Some people have been asking to know more about me and how I live my life and stuff like that so I decided to start a weekly feature called : How I Live My Life!
It will basically be like a "my week in pictures" type of thing. Except it will be my day in pictures. Never mind.

When I get home from school, I usually opt for the healthier option. I'm trying to be more fit and in shape (even though I have no weight to lose) to get healthier and happier.
So, this is called Black Sesame Cereal. You can find it in most asian supermarkets.

I know, it looks like sand.
This is what the powder looks like when you pour it out of the packet. 

Then you pour boiled water onto the powder and mix. It will look a bit like mud and it does look gross but when everything is mixed together properly, it was taste delish!

That is what it looks like when it's partly mixed. Still looking pooey, I know.
 And there is my cereal soup thing. Yum, yum. That's how I live my life.

  {And maybe with a side of chips too.}


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