Thursday, January 05, 2012

The Rant Challenge: The Airplane.

 Yeah, there's swearing because I dislike the airplane so much.

Airline Food

I hate airline food. Seriously. It's disgusting. 
I don't eat anything on the airplane except for the little peanut snacks or crackers I bring on board. Or some juice and stuff.

I won't even show a picture of the airline food because if I do, I might barf. And seriously, I hate taking the airplane so much, this "Airline Food"  rant is going to turn into a "Why I Hate Taking The Airplane Rant."

Why I Hate Taking The Airplane

I could rant about this all day long. 

1. I hate people who are so cheery in the airport. I get the point of stay positive and crap like that but seriously? You are taking a plane for 10-18 hours and you are happy about it? Lady, I want to shove your head into a trash can. 

2. I hate people who get dressed up to go sit on the plane. WTF? I see them wearing their little heels and expensive Gucci purse. Why? You go sit on the plane for 10 hours and tell me you feel comfortable in your little heels.  Watch the video above because I love this chick. She's amazing and she describes exactly what I'm thinking of.

3. I hate babies that cry on the plane. Please, control your child or wait until they are older. One time, I saw this Mom that was laughing about her child crying. She thought it was "cute." 
She was all like:
" Oh, aren't you a cute little baby? Aww. What do you want? Aww. You're so cute!"
No, lady, do you not get that I want to rip out your mouth right now? 

4. I hate that little gap in between the chair and the next chair that has gross little crumbs and cheese stains. Seriously? I want to frigging puke. 

5. I hate how the big guy that sits in front of my just has to lean back and tilt his chair back and my food moves all over the place. 

6. I hate the people that fall asleep and they lean on you. They lean on you.  They're drooling and snoring all over me. Control yourself.

7. I hate the washroom. It's a dry flush so that when you flush the toilet, it gives this big  whoosh of air that scares the shit out of me. I hate the tap and how you have to keep one hand on the tap. How are you supposed to wash your hands?

8. I hate the smell inside the airplane. It's like a combo of barf, crap and a bunch of unwashed blankets.

9. I hate the blankets and the pillows. They have the grossest stains on them. How many times do people have to use them before you wash them? Eww.

I hate the airplane and I'm sorry if I've offended you but I don't care. I'm that pissed right now. I hate the frigging airplane. 
Tell me what you think of the airplane?


  1. Seriously. Haha, so true.. I think I've experienced everything you talk about here. I'm about to go on a looong flight in a few days. Not.looking.forward.

  2. Aww. I feel for ya. I think I'll stick to cruises now.

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