Monday, April 18, 2011

The Fashionable Psychic

You guys know who is a fashionable psychic right? No? It's Alice! Duh! I love Alice. She's a kind person but if you push her over the edge she will break you into two. As for the psychic part, that's really cool. I find her hobby of shopping exciting! I'm a girl and MOST girls like to shop. She fights with Rosalie and Bella sometimes but I think that she loves therm both deeply inside. She's married to Jasper and he seems like a pretty great guy. The only sad part about Alice is that her parents left her in an asylum and that's it. Other than that fact, she's super perky and has a stunning personality. I would want her as a sister. Now Alice is played by Ashley Greene and I love Ashley Greene. She does a great job acting. Ashley is super pretty and I bet that she's has a beautiful personality too on top of that.


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