Thursday, February 16, 2012

Things I Found Thursdays

I know, I know. I didn't do it last week and I feel so bad. I will make it up for it because I found a lot of great things.


(via psychofacts)
One of my favourite sites ever.This site is amazing. They have the craziest facts and I could literally spend all day reading these.  Here's a psycho fact. ( I have a hard time spelling pyscho  pysoh psycho!

A Beautiful Mess : How To Style Beachy Waves

(via A Beautiful Mess)
 This girl is gorgeous. Like seriously. In this tutorial, she shows you how to style beachy waves with a flat-iron. I know how to curl my hair but I've been looking for a tutorial like this for a long time. Thank you Elsie!
Click here to go there.

The Curious Pug : Would You Rather

(via The Curious Pug)

I think this " Would You Rather's" are very cute. I would pick a cowlick. I love my eyebrows and I've spent a ton of time on them. Cowlicks are way better than a unibrow. I'm sorry. 
Click here to go! 

Scissors,Paper,Wok :How To Make Paper Pencils

(via Scissors,Paper,Wok)
 This website I actually just discovered and I'm in love with it. They have the cutest designs and super creative tutorials. 
Click here to go to SPW and learn how to make these pencils.


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  1. Hi Rachel,

    I love you post full of fun randomness and glee!

    Thanks for featuring my DIY pencils on you lovely blog.

    Kimanh xo


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