Thursday, February 02, 2012

DIY Paper Origami Stars

1. Cut out an small strip of paper { sorry, I don't know how many cm it is}.

2. Cross your strip of paper to make a breast cancer symbol at the end of the strip.

3. Stick the long end of the strip in like you are tying a knot after you have finished step 2.

 4. Flatten the paper. Pull at both of the ends so it will be tighter. Tuck the small piece in on the other side. You should now have a pentagon shape with a long strip.

5. Take the end piece and align it with the closest pentagon side. Keep repeating this step until it is shortened.
6. Take the now short piece and turn the shape over and tuck it in neatly.

Sorry for the crappy quality.
7. Pinch one pentagon corner until it becomes puffed up. Repeat this step on all of the corners. This step may take a bit more practice.

Yay! You are finished! 

There will be no Things I Found Thursdays post today. Sorry.

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