Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Ring Collection {Part 1}

I did promise to show you guys my ring collection so here it is.  

Isn't that a lovely ring? 

Here it is again. I love the detailing on this ring. It's very complicated and interesting to look at.

This one is a beauty. It couldn't stand up on it's own because of the way it's designed but there's variety! 

This would probably be my favourite if I could actually wear it. I got this ring for my birthday and I was so excited but when I tried it on, it fell off. Maybe when my finger gets fatter I can wear it.

You've probably seen this before on my button { the one on the side right over there >} These rings, I love because they are stackable. I can choose different combinations of rings to stack {which I will have to show you later.}

P.S: Grab a button please!


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