Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Rant Challenge: The Cinnamon Challenge

I haven't really written a Rant Challenge in a really long time so I just want to talk about it. { I know that the title sounds awkward.}

The Cinnamon Challenge

Usually, something like this happens.

 According to the internet, the Cinnamon Challenge is a dare for you to swallow a teaspoon { tablespoon?} of cinnamon.  Personally this sounds dangerous and scary and weird and they say it's impossible. I have tried this before and it's very...interesting. I only tried a little bit { a quarter of the spoon} and I did swallow it. However, I have never tried to do the whole spoon.

 My favourite is this one. She thought she could handle it and she didn't. I do feel bad because she was doing this little dance to try and get to the water.


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