Sunday, February 05, 2012

Valentine's Day Card

I took a piece of tissue paper and I unfolded it. {It's from Walmart} and there is a big hole because I used it for another project that should be up soon. Anyways, we're only using a little bit.
So, if you can see the 'seam' kinda, cut along the line. And by seam, I mean the fold lines.

Cut a small strip like that.

Then fringe it. Like, cut little lines but not all the way up to the top, just about 3 quarters or so.

Take any size of paper you want and fold it to make a card. Then glue along where you want the fringe to be.

Stick it on gently and trim the edges that stick out off.
Tada! Repeat until you have covered as much as you wanted.

I made a mini one too.

♥ Rachel


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