Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Rant Challenge: Things That Really Annoy Me

This is a list of things that annoy me. You probably know what annoys me by now if you read The Rant Challenge. 

People Who Smell And They Know It

Have you ever been in a gym next to a sweaty guy or in an airplane with the sweaty guy beside you?  (Or for those younger viewers, in gym class.) I have. They know they smell like crap because you can see them silently sniffing themselves and thinking: Damn. I forgot to wear deodorant again. Ehh. She won't mind.

If you have body odor, fine. I get it. You don't want to be sweaty and gross, you just are. And a big round of applause to those that fix their problem, to those that take showers daily and to those that don't put their arms up way high in the air when they have forgotten to wear deodorant. Thank you.

Skinny Girls That Believe They Are Fat


No. This annoys me. Maybe you have a self esteem problem, maybe you've been bullied. If you are skinny, you are not fat. If you are fat, no you aren't. You have curves so embrace them. All girls are beautiful in their own way. I don't care if you are slim, skinny or curvy. You are beautiful and you can't forget that. If there were a bunch of girls running around screaming : Am I fat or skinny? What am I ? What would the future of girls be? You are beautiful so believe it.

When You Text Somebody A Long Paragraph And All They Say Back Is ''K''.

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Hello Ms. Annoying. Yes, I pour my heart out into this paragraph about how my boyfriend broke up with me or how my cat died and all you say back is ''K''.  I am typing a paragraph because I trust you and I'm looking for advice. Not to get a ''K'' back. If I wanted that I could have just texted Bitchy McBitcherson. 

Girls Who Act Dumb To Get  A Guy's Attention

Wow. This is so bad. You trip and fall all over yourself and you look like a fool. Why are guys attracted to that. Yeah you fall and your boobs fall out of your dress. That's why guys are attracted to you. Smart is the new sexy.

Fake Tans
Eww. I'm sorry if you tan yourself but it's gross. It causes skin cancer and you look like a cheeto. Enough said.

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