Friday, January 27, 2012

The Rant Challenge:Dumb Girl & Guy Poses

I'm sure that if you guys have tumblr, then you would have seen this photo. Of if you have gone to  Anyways, I haven't done a "Rant Challenge" in a super long time and I wanted to start doing some more again. I still have to add The Rant Challenge to my tutorial page.

Duck Lips
 Umm. This is bad. What is up with the duck lips? Your lips look fat and you look like a mindless idiot. The Wonder Forest has a good explaining of the ducklip vs. kissy face argument. Go there! Now! 

Ass Out

Are you like...prepared to be grinding on somebody? Do you have to go to the washroom? Why are you sticking your butt out? 'Nuff said.


I get this one. I get that maybe you want to present yourself as a fun and carefree person. But, maybe you should think about how unattractive it is to have your drool hanging out and your yellow teeth. (Unless of course, you whiten your teeth using some online editor teeth thingy.)


 I've always cringed when posing with a person and they have this peace sign out. This is so asian. I have enough against Asian people but this is just classic asian.

Cute Fail 

 Chances are that if you do this pose, you are probably not that cute. This is a kiddy pose. You shouldn't be doing this.

From Above

 I actually don't really mind this one. It's ok as long as you are not shoving your boobs into the camera.

Hi Haters

Look, if you really didn't care then you probably wouldn't have a FB account. You shouldn't even have your haters on FB. You add friends, why would you add your haters?

Lesbo BFF

 I admit. I do this. It's just a way to show how much I love her.

Obvious Chest

Ahh. The one I hate the most. Everyone gets it, you have awesome boobs. Don't flaunt it for us smaller chest people. What I really hate is when they get 50007777000 likes on one of these photos simply because they have their boobs hanging out there. And these are some of the comments they get.

OMG! You look freaking fantastic in this picture!
Why are your boobs in the picture?
Looking great sweetheart!



  1. OMG I can't stand everyone that does those stupid duck lip poses in their bathrooms and post it on facebook lol! I'm so glad I have a name to call it now lol DUCK LIPS! Good One lol!

  2. It does look super stupid.

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