Monday, January 09, 2012

Handmade Calendars

I don't like to buy calendars. They're very pretty but they are so expensive sometimes. I swear I saw a calendar that was $30 once. Isn't that insane? 
You will need:

 1. Sketch out your month title first. Then trace with a black marker or a sharpie.

2.My colour theme for this month is turquoise so I am going to shade turquoise around the traced month.

3. Plan out the weekdays location on your calendar, trace it and shade around with turquoise ( or any colour you like) again. Then, plan out your boxes and the lengths and widths of them.

 4. Write out your months and trace your boxes. 
5. Enjoy!

It may not look as nice as a store bought calendar but it was almost free!


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