Thursday, February 16, 2012

DIY Paper Friendship Necklaces

I'm going to apologize in advance for the crappy pictures. I already tried to edit the lighting and it still looks crappy but I think I'll update it with fresh, better looking pictures.

Glue: I use Elmers Glue sticks. I think they are the best type of glue stick that you can get.
Paper: I used construction paper for this project. Just plain white construction paper.  
Puzzle pieces: These can be any size that you want them to be. 

1. First, fold your paper in half and glue it down so there are two layers already. Then trace out your puzzle piece.

2. It should look like this. Fold the paper over again so there are now four layers. Cut out your puzzle piece.

3. Do steps 1 and two over until you have 4 pieces.

4. Lightly draw a hole where you want the chain to go through. Cut out the hole using a push pin or scissors. { whatever works for you. }

5. Make sure all the other pieces also have the holes in the same place.

You should have 4 pieces like this.

6. Stack all the pieces on top of each other and glue.

*If* you want to add paint :

Get a toothpick and poke ti through the hole you made.

Paint the piece whatever colour you want it to be. {I chose white.}

 I'm using nailpolish to draw in the heart. { Revlon :"Mon Cherry"} I used it because when it dries it's scented {cherry} and I didn't have red paint. To draw in a heart, make a "v"and then fill it in. 

Finished! Slip a chain through the holes and give to all your best buddies!


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