Monday, February 13, 2012

My 100th Post! { Tosititos Recipe}

So. Hi. Today, I'm writing my hundredth post. Kind of a big deal. The blog's birthday is coming up and I'm really happy that I wrote 100 posts! I was going to pick out my top posts but then I realized I should save that for something else. So I'm going to...

I usually don't write posts about food but I really want to show you something that I'm eating right now. 

These are Tostitoes with melted cheese on them. The ingredients are pretty simple and most people have them.

{ And a microwave!}                       

 You should lay out your chips and try and find some flatter ones that you know will be able to hold the cheese.

I know in the picture it said knife but I'm cutting it out with a spoon and it really doesn't matter. 

Try and place it in a bowl that is microwaveable and just pop it in for a good 10-12 seconds.

It should look like this.

You need to quickly place the cheese right out of the microwave before they are cold.

And that's what you get!


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