Tuesday, March 06, 2012

The Rant Challenge: People That Crave Attention

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Ok, let me explain. I get that people like attention. It's fun and you feel sorta special right? I also get it if you're shy. You don't really want the attention. The thing is, some people crave attention. The spotlight has to be on them every single moment. This is when I have to put the brakes on and say : Why?

True story: It was my friend's birthday today and as we were singing happy Birthday to her, these two so called *siblings started singing some random twisted version of it. The birthday girl is not a partically random person and I could tell she just didn't like it. 
(*I called them so called siblings because they are not related to each other. They are just a made up family where they use people and pretend that they have a granddad and a mom and an aunt and a sister. I know. WTF? )

Anyways, this is what I'm talking about. These two siblings had to take the spotlight once again because they craved it. This was somebody else's birthday and they had no right to take the attention away from her.

I don't really like this girl that did that anyways because she's a nasty mean person and i'm going to write a post about dealing with mean people.

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  1. Haha. True. It happens. Some people are just so desperate. They can't stand the fact that people don't pay attention to them.


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