Saturday, March 31, 2012

Weekend Shots (Saturday)

I have alot of stuff to do this weekend but I wanted to show some simple shots from what I did today. 

I downloaded this new app called Sketchbook Mobile that lets you draw on your pictures. Beautiful Mess did a post about that. I actually started trying to make a friendship bracelet using embroidery thread and so far, all I have is a knot. A big knot.

I also painted my nails a pretty pink ( some Zoya colour) and it was almost nude and I looked down at my nails and they were chipped. Why?
I was in a big rush after I had done my nails so instead of applying a top coat, I used Revlon Crazy Shine instead. It's a buffer and a shiner(?) and it's super useful!

This was Saturday, I'll do Sunday tomorrow. 

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