Friday, March 09, 2012

Canvas Crayon Art

K, so I've seen these all over Youtube and Tumblr and Pinterest so I really wanted to try to make one for myself.

Blow-dryer- I used a hot pink Conair blow-dryer.
Crayons- Crayola crayons.
Canvas: I got the canvas from Dollarama (if you are Canadian). $1 for 2 canvas!
Glue gun: Just a regular glue gun.

I originally found a box of crayons that I used when I was a kid so I knew I wanted to do something with it. I think that adding used crayons makes it a lot more special.
1. Arrange your crayons in whatever order looks good to you.

I added a couple more different types of crayons because I didn't have enough plain crayons to fill the canvas with.

*this is a colour caption!

2. Now you want to glue the crayon down onto your canvas. I tried to get the colour caption facing up. I had a couple of crayons that I had used and the colour caption was gone so I just rolled it over to the Crayola logo. Look above this picture and you"ll see what I mean by a colour caption.

K, for crayons like this that have no wrapper, you can either glue the spot where the crayon will go on the canvas and press the crayon down or you can glue directly onto the crayon. 

Now, if you choose to glue down onto the crayon first, you will get a big glob on your gluegun. I recommend you making a line onto your canvas first.

3. After you finish glueing the crayons on and the glue has tried, tip your canvas up to see if any crayons are loose. If none are loose, get on the gluegun strings off before heading to the next step. 

4. Take your blow dryer and adjust the settings until you see the crayons start to get wet.

The wax will start getting shiny and then the wax will drip. When the wax drips, you want to tilt your canvas so it is standing upright and the wax can flow down. I recommend putting a piece of newspaper underneath because it will splash.

You have to move your blow dryer to distribute the heat onto different crayons.

This is generally what it looks like when it's done. Pretty, huh?

Have fun! 

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