Thursday, March 15, 2012

Things I Found Thursdays

Hey there guys. After browsing through endless hours of interesting websites, I was inspired to make this post extra awesome.
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Heartfelt : OnceAgainSam

(via OnceAgainSam)
This chick is incredible. She basically made a heart out of felt. Did I mention it's life-sized? I've never seen anything quite so unique.
Check it out.

Giant Bird's Nest :OGE
( via OGE)
This giant bird's nest seems very comfy! I would really like to change my bed to this giant simulation!
Wanna see?

Tribal Nails : Honestly WTF

These nails remind me so much of summer and I'm just loving them so much! Their tutorial on it is incredibly easy and fast too.
Get these nails now!

Origami Butterfly Tutorial : Go Origami

I love these and after reading her tutorial, I'm thinking of making a little string of these and hanging them up in my room so they look like they are flying.
Find out how to make these!

I'm making a theme for Thins I Found Thursdays.
Next week's will be: Nails.

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