Thursday, March 22, 2012

Things I Found Thursdays: Nails

I'm sorry guys! I'm not updating as often as I should but I have a major science test coming up and I really need to study for it. This week's 'Things I Found Thursdays' theme is nails. I personally love doing my nails because it's fun and you can change it as much as you want.

The Nailasaurus: Hunger Games Nails

  I love The Hunger Games and I had really wanted to find cute nail designs to do. I think her pin is done amazingly and I honestly think this is the best nail tutorial for The Hunger Games that I've ever seen.
Click here to go to her site.

Nail Side: Explosion Design.

 I've loved Nailside's designs for a pretty long time and I actually recently just did this on my nails. Nailside is a really cool site with a lot of clear tutorials and I always understand what she means when she writes her tutorials.
Click over here to learn how to get an 'explosion' on your nails.

Pshiiit: The Triangle On Your Fingers

 Because I'm growing up in Canada, I am required to learn French here so I kinda understand what Pshiiit is talking about but I'm still a little bit fuzzy. You can always translate the page if you are confused but the pictures show the whole tutorial so I don't think it will be to hard to understand. Besides the language, her pictures are very self explanatory and easy to follow.
Click here to get 'Le Triangle Sur Les Ongles."

The Hybrid Chick: The Digi Nails

I did this with newspaper before and it also works really well. This is a really creative tutorial. I mean like, I've never seen anybody think it up like this before.
Get the nails here!

Next weeks's theme: Hair

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