Tuesday, November 01, 2011

I ♥ Rings

Kay, well basically I was going to show you guys my awesome collection of rings up here but my camera has too much stuff on it so I need to delete the pictures.

1. afashionwayoflife is one of my favourite tumblrs I go to when I need inspiration. Click here to go look at her tumblr.  I love owl rings. I don't know why but they are like pulling me to them. Love it!

2. I also really really love this tumblr because it looks amazing and I just...arghhh.  This is like..i don't know.. classy-ish. But I love the leaf one because it's so complex but it works. 

3. Yeah right, I wish I had that many rings. Looks amazing though.

4. Strangely again, you find another owl on it. Wonder why? 

I don't know if my addiction is healthy or not but all I know is I ♥ RINGS!!!!!!

Keep smiling,

P.S Check out those amahhhzzing tumblrs when you have time.

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