Thursday, December 22, 2011

Things I Have Found Thursdays

Melted Crayon Canvas

Melted Crayon Craft via Whatever (Meg Duerksen)

I found this link a while ago but I have not shown anybody this. Isn't it gorgeous? I love it so much and I tried to do it on a card but it sucked. You had to actually glue gun the crayons on.
Click here to find out how to make one.

Hand-drawn Gift Wrap

Hand-drawn Giftwrap via Mini-Eco

This is such an easy yet modern way to make your gifts and boxes look amazing. I really love the geometric shapes she has drawn on this.
Click here for the tutorial.

Interview With An One Year Old.

I have not shared this with you guys yet but this is on my top 10 lists. I love it! Arturo Trejo makes his videos  so funny that I literally burst out laughing sometimes. The baby is adorable and he has the cutest laugh.

The Oatmeal

This blog is hilarious. I love their little hand drawn comics and stuff. I can easily relate to them about it.
Click here to experience some of the funny-ness.

I really liked doing a Things I Have Found. I think I'll continue doing this from now on.


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