Wednesday, December 07, 2011

5 Weird Things You Don't Know About Me

I'm bored and I have no interesting news or tutorial to write about so here we go!

1. I borrow books from the library every week. 
It's not like the weirdest thing ever but I love reading books and I don't like buying them. It's a waste of paper and I will only read it once and that's it. I'll only buy books if I know for sure that I'll be reading it over and over.

2. My nails are always short. Forever and always. I just don't like long nails. They dig in and stuff. And I find it hard to keep them clean.  I do like painting my nails though.

3.I hate drinking water and milk. I mean like, I know that water has no flavour bu that's what I hate about it. Why drink water when you can drink juice? And milk. Urghh. Forget about it. Your drinking something that was squeezed out of an udder! Urghh.

4.I love to bake. My favorite is cheesecake. It's delicious. I should probably blog about cooking but I don't wanna give my secrets away!

5. I'm short. Like under 5'5.It's not like people tease me about it and I'm pretty sure my friends love my shortness considering that when I wear high heels, they're like " Woah! She's normal height now! " Yeah. I love being short.

Well. Now you have learned 5 weird things about me. 
♥ Rachel

Highheel image from here.

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