Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Rant Challenge: What Makes You Mad?

What Makes You Mad?

Lots of things make me mad. Snotty cashiers that give you "the look" , negative people, people that lie,sexist guys, that one hair that will never stay put and a lot more.

Let's start with the cashiers. 
Scenario: I'm at the cashier with a box of tissues are whatever and she gives me "the look." 
It's like she's trying to make me leave by staring at me. There's always this one cashier that likes to do that.I mean like, WTF, seriously?  I know that sometimes, it's the customers fault but really?I don't hate cashiers, I just strongly dislike that one.


Me: Aww. There's no more cake.
Negative Person: WTF? Who took the last bleeping piece of cake? Seriously? That bleep was my favorite bleeping cake.
Me: Can you please calm down?

Do you see what I mean? How can a person like that be someone you want to be around? There's this one guy in my class that sweats a lot and he over reacts so much. If you touch him by accident, he will FREAK out. 

Me: Are you free this weekend? 
A: ( 'A' is my example.) No. I'm going out camping. *Walks a couple steps away and pulls out phone* 
A: Hey! I'm excited to catch dinner with you this weekend! 

Now I seriously doubt somebody would do that but I couldn't think of a better example. I hate people that lie right to your face even when you have heard them admit that they're lying! 

Scenario: Getting ready for the mall.

I'm getting ready to go out, right? Well, I comb my hair and spray it with hairspray. 2 minutes later, that one hair springs up and will NOT stay put no matter how much water/hairspray I use.


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