Thursday, December 08, 2011

4 Great Christmas Gifts

Fork And Cream Sauce Cable Organizer

This would be a great gift. It could be so useful. I hate wires that tangle up and this is the perfect solution for that.

Get one here.


These are too cute! ever heard of washi tape? No? Well, it's a type of Japanese tape with cute designs on it. It's pretty strong and it can carry up to 50 g. Great stocking stuffer and you could use it to hand jewelery or paperclips or anything!
Get one here.

Like-Dislike Napkins

This is too adorable. After the meal, you could wear the napkin and tell the cook (nicely) weather of not their cooking was good.
Oh, my gosh. You know the Note Me Pillows I blogged about earlier? Look! The same company designed it!

Get one here.

Stressless Labels

Need help getting dressed? Plan out your outfit with these and simply grab and go. Genius.
Get one here. 


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