Friday, March 18, 2011

All My Crap About Clothes.

Let's face it. I'm a girl and girls love clothes. And shoes. And baby ducks. And jewelery. I like a lot of stuff. Most of all I love Zara. If you have never heard of it then your a loser! LOL JK! Look at this!

Yeah I really suggest you look at that. Cuz if you don't then umm... yeah. It would really be official. You would go your whole life wondering what it looks like. 
I'm writing several posts a day now so maybe I should stop. Oh right. I forgot to tell you guys about this amazing piece of artwork I made.
So basically all I did was cut out pieces of paper like curly bits and rectangles and stuff like that. Then I taped it on and used watercolors and painted over it.

Wait. I'm using Firefox right now and it corrects me right? Well I just spelt color like colour and it told me I was wrong. I'm offended now. It's like spelling gray like grey. Ugh.. I hate that spelling. It shouldn't matter right? Well apparently the computer doesn't think so. Maybe I should start an art blog. Whateves. No matter how long I make this blog...when I preview it ,it looks short. I don't wanna disappoint and plus I'm pretty sure nobody reads this. If they do read this then nobody comments. Same thing. It's still like having nobody read it. Hehe. I'm really stretching it out now. Probably nobody's going to read it. 

So it's March Break and there's nothing to do. All my friends are out. Nobody to prank call. Nobody to have a sleepover. Just a Hannah Montana marathon. The Christmas special. 
Yay..! That's Hannah Montana all day long. No Wizards,no Sonny, no Suite Life. 
Ok. Bye. 

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