Tuesday, September 20, 2011

DIY Dora Fridge Magnets

So at school today, they had a sale on bookmarks, pencils, erasers and stuff right? Well, I found some DORA STICKERS there. Your never too old to love Dora! (LOL) I was origianally bought for my little cousin but I decided, hey why not keep them and make a craft outta them?

So here goes, Dora Fridge Magnets!

Too cute right? Espically the Tigger one!

So you will need a cardboardy type material, some stickers, magnets and scissors.

So peel off the sticker and stick it to your cardboard piece.

Cut out the sticker with the cardboard still stuck to it.

Cut out your magnet and stick it on to the back of the cardboard with the sticker on the other side. If you do not have the magnets with the sticky side, you can gluegun it on.

Yay! You are finished! You can use different sticker, ya know? Have some fun with it! I love making tutorials so see ya next time!
 Tell me what you think of these little magnets!

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