Friday, September 16, 2011

Amazing Newspaper Gift Toppers

So I have decided to do a tutorial on making newspaper gift toppers. It's eco- friendly and plus it's super fast and fun to make! 

You will need:

Some newspaper or flyers.
A compass ( the geometry set kind.)
Glue gun ( optional)
A good hand.

 So first you take a sheet of newspaper or a flyer or whatever paper you can find and you fold it a bunch of times in half.
 Then you use a compass (while the paper is still folded in half) to draw a circle on the sheet of folded paper.

 Cut out the circle.

 Seperate the sheets to make sure you cut out enough circles. ( You should have at least  if you have folded it enough times.)

 Put the sheets back together and cut slits of different lengths all around the circle. Some should be long and others short. Be sure not to cut the slits too long so that they touch. It will break and you will have to start over.

 Seperate the sheets so they do not stick together. Put them back together after.

 Staple the circles in the middle of it and be sure to get every circle.

 Crumple the stapled circles gently. Some pieces might fall out.

After you are finished crumpling, try and make it look a little bit more presentable.
There you go! Wasn't it easy? To attach to  a box or a gift, gluegun the bottom where the staple is and stick it onto the gift. My first tutorial and your first gift topper! Follow me to get more tutorials and comment to tell me how you did!

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