Thursday, April 12, 2012

Living In The Happy Moments: Taking A Much Needed Drink

As you can see, the header has changed to a little banner I made. The title of this blog has also changed. It's now called : As She Sees It but the URL has not changed. Instead of doing Things I Found Thursdays today, I decided to start a new blog series called Living In The Happy Moments or as short, LITHM. It will talk about the happy things in life. I got really inspired after reading The Book Of Awesome so I wanted to start a blog series about happy things instead of just ranting. 

Taking A Much Needed Drink

You know that feeling when you're at school or in a store and you just suddenly get really thirsty? Your throat goes all dry and your tongue just kind of flops there. Then you get home and you pour yourself some juice or water and your whole body is relieved. Maybe you pant after drinking or maybe you just relax and thank the world for juice.

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